BetSofa Sports Betting NZ – Detailed review

Sports betting starts with selecting a reliable and trustworthy betting place. A young BetSofa Sports New Zealand offers its clients a range of engaging sports bets and markets to receive cash and enjoy a good time. Its plethora of unique bets and attractive odds ensure a fantastic winning ratio. 

Additionally, a team of gifted betting whizzes always work on productivity and variety to ensure that betting offers never cease. Although sports betting NZ launched not long ago, many lucky and knowledgeable players confessed they managed to make a fortune out of betting. So let’s highlight the best sports betting advantages of BetSofa in a comprehensive review. 

BetSofa Sports Betting newzealand

Introducing BetSofa Sports

Launched in 2020, BetSofa SportsBook became an instant hit on the market. But, unfortunately, many sports betting companies don’t think twice before asking clients for countless money deposits, spending thousands of dollars on advertising, and getting nothing in return. It happens because some companies don’t own a license; that’s why betting there is risky business.

On the contrary, BetSofa SportsBook promotes secure betting with no unexpected money loss or information leaks. That’s why the company has an official license in Curacao and is powered by Gaming Services Provider N.V. So how are BetSofa Sports doing with sports and markets? 

On the contrary, BetSofa SportsBook promotes secure betting with no unexpected money loss or information leaks. That’s why the company has an official license in Curacao and is powered by Gaming Services Provider N.V. So how are BetSofa Sports doing with sports and markets? 


Sports and Markets Available at BetSofa

Online sports betting is a serious matter. To ensure better odds, experienced players get in line to join a betting place with various markets. For example, BetSofa sports betting NZ wants to provide its clients, and regular visitors have a list of outcomes for matches, tournaments, and sports games.  A bettor seeks to understand the odds of their favorite team winning to foresee a result of the game and make money off it. So if you try betting in New Zealand or BetSofa sports Canada, what are the betting chances, and what can the website offer to their players:

  • The team that wins the match
  • The team that wins the goal 
  • A result of any match with a high probability 
  • What are the stats of a specific team during a match 
  • Guessing a result of the game without a draw possibility
  • A “yes” or “no” prediction whether a team scores or loses
Betsofa sports betting NZ

Betting Odds with BetSofa

Sports betting sites can’t guarantee you a 100% probability of a win because many factors influence the game. But BetSofa sports Canada and NZ want to minimize that risk by offering realistic odds. These include basketball, football, and ice hockey games with a high probability of winning the bet. However, this online betting primarily focuses on football as it’s easier to predict, which means an increased monetary gain for clients. But regardless of it, sports betting sites like BetSofa like to raise the probability to win by adding more sports to the list. It doesn’t mean players should concentrate on one kind of game. The official site says that high odds and unique markets apply for every type of sport presented on BetSofa. Even the most apparent odds can’t guarantee a 100% chance to win, but it’s possible to minimize those risks. 

That’s why online betting sites often have a team of professionals who calculate the stakes successfully. But usually, their tips cost money. These analytics are updated frequently to ensure players don’t lose a deposit. Players should avoid scammers at all costs who present false calculations. 

Betting Features

Betting online involves some extent of risk. But with extensive and modern in-play betting features, they can be avoided. In addition, BetSofa offers a plethora of betting features that can multiply the quality of the player’s experience exponentially: 

  • Cash-out available

An undeniable perk of the BetSofa betting arena is that a player can cash out money off a bet without any problems. Now you can settle your wager even before the game ends and still get money. 

  • Live streaming available 

A player who often visits online betting sites knows that a betting company provides a text comment and stats on the game to ensure a safe game with maximum control during a match. In addition, live streaming allows bettors to watch the game and monitor the process simultaneously. 


BetSofa Live Betting

BetSofa Live Betting

Live betting is an excellent way to feel present during tournaments and live matches without actually visiting them. For example, BetSofa presents you with incredible immersive games to experience the thrill of teams singing hymns at football and basketball matches. So now, you can attend your favorite team’s game in real-time without getting out of bed. Most importantly, you can alter the bet and watch the result as you go. 

BetSofa offers competitive bets on any popular game, including table tennis, baseball, snooker, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, and some more. Don’t sweat too much about the results because analysts already calculate them.

Virtual Sports at BetSofa

BetSofa offers markets for every virtual sport out there. These include car racing, tennis, snooker, and even horse rides! The return-to-player rate is quite high, reaching 85–95%. The best part about betting with BetSofa is a double chance possibility. Now you can predict wins for two teams. Finally, you can determine a half-time and a full-time winner to get a double result. 

How to bet on sports?

Online sports betting always starts with a registration. First, create an account on BetSofa, then make a minimal deposit of $10 to start your journey. Then you will be presented with welcome bonuses right away; you can claim them. Next, enter the Sports section on the website or from your mobile device. After it, choose the desired game or a sports event; monitor the market for a while if you need. Pick your odds and place the bet. Voila! Upon the end of the game you will get the results and receive cash. 

After receiving welcome bonuses and placing your bet, make sure you don’t put the wrong one or make bad odds because changing them would be impossible. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

BetSofa contains a table with all payment options. You can deposit money using credit cards as Skrill, Neteller transfers, QIWI wallet, and many more. Withdrawal is instant in case of a winning bet. 

BetSofa Sports Online: Live Chat and Customer Service

You can contact an attentive team of helpful staff by going to a live chat on the right of your screen or writing BetSofa an email.